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Want to be healthy? COOK.

The food industry has done a great job of convincing eaters that corporations can cook better than we can. The problem is, it's not true. - Michael Pollan

We care deeply about food in our office. Healthy eating is the basis of healthy living. A delicious meal is also a wonderful way to celebrate and enjoy life.

We field many questions and are happy to advise our patients on what the research tells us and what it does tell us about diet and our health, including how to eat during and after cancer care. Michael Pollan summarized a healthy diet the most succinctly with his now famous line, “Eat real food, mostly plants, not too much.” We also support an “Alaskatarian” diet that emphasizes the wonderful healthy foods that we have in this great land.

That being said, cooking healthy food and avoiding processed junk can be a challenge. We are all busy with careers, family, housework and all the other demands on our time. Our hope is to share our favorite healthy recipes and tips for pulling off healthy meals. Nancy Nibbe, our Nurse Practitioner is a wonderful cook. If you ever get a chance to eat one of her meals, jump at it. You won’t be disappointed. Dr. Sandford and her husband juggle getting food on the table for three very active (but sometimes picky) kids. And, because it takes a village, coworkers and colleagues in the hospital have also been great sources of recipes and ideas.

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