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about COVID-19 and where to go if you have concerns. Our office is in the process of transitioning a majority of visits to a telehealth setting. Please contact our office with any questions or concerns.

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What Makes Us Who We Are

Experienced and qualified...Dr. Sandford has over 20 years of experience providing medical care in Alaska. She is a board certified general surgeon, specializing in breast disease and breast cancer, fellowship trained in oncoplastic surgery.

Well address the unique challenges that could arise during your care. We know everyone and we know how to get things done!

Knowledge… some people read textbooks to learn how to be a great surgeon, but here at Alaska Breast Care and Surgery we are unique in that Dr. Sandford actually gets invited to help write those textbooks! No one puts more effort in to learning new techniques and schools of thought.

Dedication… We never really take a day off. Being a breast surgeon is like being a mother hen. You try to always be available to your chicks.

Compassion… Every website claims that their office offers compassionate care, but at Alaska Breast Care & Surgery we go the extra mile. Hugs are freely given to those who want them! We’ve learned that the most important part of compassion is listening deeply to the patient. We cherish coming to work and helping our patients..

Meticulous attention detail… If there’s one thing that distinguishes Dr.Sandford from the community, it’s her meticulous attention to detail. No stone goes unturned, no option undiscussed. She will make sure to cover every detail and aspect of your care.

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Dr. Marilyn Sandford

Marilyn B. Sandford, MD

Board Certified General Surgeon
Specializing in Breast Disease and Breast Cancer,
Fellowship Trained in Oncoplastic Surgery

Our Services

At Alaska Breast Care and Surgery, we offer a wide array of services including, but not limited to:

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