patient testimonials
Patient Testimonials

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  • I just love you guys! You have been wonderful to me. Dr. Sandford was an excellent surgeon. I can’t say enough for your office- I don’t know where to begin. You guys have treated me like family from beginning to end and I will continue to visit your office as long as you’ll have me.
    Robin R.
  • I would recommend Dr. Sandford for any type of breast cancer or surgery. She is very knowledgeable and excellent at what she does. Her staff is incredibly sweet, kind, understanding, and passionate. The staff will go above and beyond the call of duty for patients and will make sure that anything you need is taken care of. Being with Dr. Sandford means being stress-free and worry-free.
    Gina H.
  • I couldn’t ask for a better or more caring doctor than Dr. Sandford. You’re not a number; you’re a person to her. Dr. Sandford made me feel comfortable and confident in her skills and I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.
    Elizabeth H.
  • The entire experience with Dr. Sandford and her staff was phenomenal. All of my concerns with my BRCA2 mutation were addressed. Dr. Sandford was incredibly educated and helped me make smart decisions. She did an absolutely perfect job with my double mastectomies and I could not be happier with my care.
    Viviana F.
  • Dr. Sandford was incredibly thorough and did such a great job with my surgery. I am so happy with how my surgery went. Dr. Sandford was upfront and honest about what treatment was going to be like, which was great. I just loved Corie!
    Patty V.
  • My teenage daughter was seen my Dr. Sandford and it was a great experience. First of all, making the appointment was so easy. Coming in, I was greeted by the nicest smiling faces. The medical assistant was amazing. The staff made us feel relaxed and comforted. The doctor made us feel completely comfortable and we felt confident that Dr. Sandford was giving us the best care possible. She really knows her stuff. For me as a mom, taking my child to a medical office is always a little worrisome, but with Dr. Sandford we knew that she was in good hands and getting safe care. We felt totally spoiled at Dr. Sandford’s office!
    Michelle B.
  • You guys are fabulous and great! Dr. Sandford spoiled me rotten! I felt so comfortable throughout the care. [My husband and I] are so happy and she did “one hell of a job” with my surgery.
    Jackie W.
  • My breast cancer diagnosis came 11 months after moving to Alaska from the east coast. I kind of figured that was it for my Alaska life and I should move back to NYC for treatment. But I also needed to get some answers about what was ahead so I made an appointment with Dr. Sandford. Within 30 seconds of meeting her, I knew I was staying in Anchorage for treatment. She didn’t just power on through talking at me. She put her pen down, sat back in her chair, and listened to me. Choosing Dr. Sandford as my surgeon was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Both Dr. Sandford and Nancy Nibbe treated me as a whole person. A year out of treatment, things are very good. Now, gotta run. Heading off for some winter camping. Yes, staying in Alaska really was the right way to go. (Thanks, Dr. Sandford!)
    Jenna S.
  • Dear Dr. Sandford, Thank you for being such an awesome breast surgeon! It was very important to me to be able to see a breast care doctor as soon as possible after recieving news about my diagnosis. I was so relieved your office was able to get me an appointment that same day. After my first appointment with you, where I was still very scared, I felt that I was in good hands and you would do everything you could in removing the tumor and preventing local recurrence while maintaining the natural look and shape of my breast. I appreciated how you listened carefully to what I had to say and addressed all of my questions and concerns. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a caring, thoughtful, and knowledgeable breast surgeon.
    Jessica C.