Care After Diagnosis

The world of breast cancer treatment is incredibly dynamic. There has been so much advancement in the field of breast cancer care and treatment over the past several years, and Dr. Sandford and our nurse practitioner Nancy Nibbe work tirelessly to ensure that our patients receive the best and most effective care throughout their treatment for breast cancer. There are many different treatment options for those who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer and we are dedicated to helping guide you through the process of selecting the right plan.

Each person with a new diagnosis should expect to build a multidisciplinary “team” of providers who will be involved in their care. This team will all work together to ensure a comprehensive and well thought out plan for every breast cancer patient. The core of the team would be their breast surgeon, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist.

We have been providing breast cancer care in Alaska for over a decade (and Nancy Nibbe and Dr. Sandford have over 30 years of combined experience providing care to Alaskans). We will make sure that the other members of your team are on the A-list in terms of experience and quality of care. Other team members may include radiologists, nurse navigators, plastic surgeons, physical therapists, dietitians, social workers, fertility specialists, breast cancer support groups, naturopaths and others who specialize in integrative care.

Dr. Sandford and Nancy Nibbe are committed to putting together the team that is right for you, and we work side by side with your team to ensure that everyone involved is kept up to speed on your care. Our office works closely with several others within the state, including but not limited to:

Katmai Oncology
Anchorage and Valley Radiation Therapy Center
Providence Radiation Oncology
Midnight Sun Oncology
Plastic Surgeons of Alaska
Alaska Oncology and Hematology